My favorite wedding moments

My favorite part of any wedding is the couple`s first dance. As a photographer, I see the first dance as a perfect opportunity to capture a multitude of expressions and emotions that are usually impossible to catch during a church ceremony. As a human being, I love the first dance as a moment where it`s just the newlyweds, just the two of them on the dance floor and nothing and no one else matter. Steph and Jon`s wedding photography first dance Steph and Jon`s wedding photography first dance

My little angel

I am like the proverbial shoemaker without shoes – I photograph weddings, bat and bat mitzvahs, engagement and portrait sessions every weekend and spend hundreds of hours editing photographs for my clients. Alas, when it comes to photographing my own daughter, if it weren`t for my wife, we wouldn`t have any photos:). I took this photo a few days ago – I came home from an engagement photoshoot and saw my sweet little angel sleeping in her swing. Luckily, I had my camera hanging around my neck, so I snapped a few shots before she woke up and showed her true nature by peeing on my shirt.