Sunrise over Lake Arthur

Today I got up at 5am to go kayaking at Moraine State Park. It was cold, dark, and really really early, and it was totally worth it. I watched the sunrise, drank coffee, and took photos with 3 different cameras, all from the comfort of my kayak:) I had the whole lake to myself, and watching the sunrise was absolutely spectacular.

Photographed with a mix of Fujifilm XT-3 + Fujinon 23 f/2 lens, Samsung Galaxy S22 phone, and a Nikon N90 + Nikkor 28 f/3.5 lens. Will post photos from the Nikon once I process and scan the film.

Camping at Coopers Rock State Forest

A few weeks ago Sophia and I went camping and rock climbing at Coopers Rock State Forest in West Virginia. Coopers Rock is one of my favorite places in the world. I used to go there at least once a month back in my climbing days, and now I finally had an opportunity to bring my daughter with me. Even if you are not a climber, the park has amazing hikes and the sunset view of the Cheat River valley is absolutely incredible.

Sunset over Cheat River valley, view from the Coopers Rock State Forest Overlook. Fujifilm XT-3 with a Fujinon 23 f/2 lens.
Photo courtesy of my 10-year-old daughter Sophia.

Family Trip to Ireland – 6 days in 6 minutes

This has been an absolutely insane year and we really needed to get out of Pittsburgh for a few days, change the scenery and do something fun.  We usually take one big trip (usually abroad) every year; this year we picked Ireland by pretty much pointing blindly at the map of Europe.  We were a bit concerned about traveling that far with two small children – Daniella is 3.5 years old and Sophia is only 11 months old.  We weren’t too worried about Daniella – she is a seasoned traveler.  She’s traveled to 4 countries outside of the US and has been on at least 20 flights.  Sophia is a travel noob and we weren’t sure how well she would handle the trip.
We had a blast!  The trip was incredible and we managed to see and do way more than we expected, even with two small kids in tow.  Instead of rambling, let me present to you – Ireland: 6 days in 6 minutes.


Trip to Ireland, 2012 from Dmitriy Babichenko on Vimeo.

 If you prefer to see individual images, you can see photos from the entire trip on Flickr


A Bike Ride To McKeesport

Last weekend was the first in a long time when I did not have a photoshoot. Even though the weather was kind of miserable, my friend Chris and I decided to go for a quick bike ride on the Steel Valley Trail. In June of 2012 I rode the entire length of the Great Alleghenny Passage to Cumberland, MD – something that I would like to start doing at least once a year. Chris and I only had about half a day to ride and explore, so we set off at 8 am from the Waterfront. If you are interested in exploring, Steel Valley Trail provides ample opportunities. I used to do a lot of urban exploration before I got married and had children; this trip gave me an opportunity to explore once more. Along the trail we found several abandonned railroad depots, warehouses and factories. I was glad that I brought a camera.
It felt nice to spend half a day just biking and shooting, not worried about meetings, editing, management or other obligations. I should start doing this more often…