Help-Portrait 2011

Dmitriy Babichenko Photography | Pittsburgh Help-Portrait 2011 This year`s Help Portrait turned out really great. We had two locations – one at the Women`s Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh and another one at the Community Human Services in Oakland. We had a wonderful turnout – between the two locations we photographed 89 people. We couldn`t have done it without everyone chipping in and volunteering their time and talent to make this event special: Kevin Lorenzi – event director, photographer Dmitriy Babichenko – event director, photographer Leeann Marie Golish – photographer Kelli Glew – photographer Jane Alexander – editor Chris Toth – editor Luke Ling – photographer Alyssa Kraus – hair/make-up artist Dan Speicher – photographer, videographer Laura Petrilla – photographer Dina Ciabattoni – organizer, administrator Lynn Ratkovich – organizer, administrator All the photos from the Community Human Services location have been posted on Flickr.

What`s In My Bag

Over the last few years I must have received at least 20 emails from clients and aspiring photographers asking me about my equipment. So far I avoided posting my response to my blog. My equipment changes constantly, things break down, get replaced, get updated, get sold on Ebay. Yesterday I received 3 emails in one day asking this question, so for those of you who are interested, here is what’s in my bag. Or bags…