My Grandmother

My grandmother is one of the most special women in my life. She is almost 90 years old and yet she is full of life (sometimes more full of life than I am). My earliest memories are associated with her – she has been there every time I needed help, advice, or a good meal. She is the most kind and understanding person in the world; truly an amazing woman. Every time I visit her, I make it a point to photograph her as much as I can; I want to preserve every memory of her so that my kids could know was an incredible woman she is. A full set from this photoshoot can be seen on my Flickr photostream My grandmother | Dmitriy Babichenko Photography

Amazing Love Story Contest

Brad and Leigh Wedding | Dmitriy Babichenko Photography - Pittsburgh Wedding PhotographerEvery bride (and even some grooms) dreams of a perfect, fairy-tale wedding day; after all, wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a perfect wedding. The average cost of a wedding in the United States is $26,000. Twenty-six thousands dollars! Many people have to start their lives together by going into significant debt just to create that perfect wedding day. Every year we get calls from dozens of brides-to-be who simply cannot afford our services. They have to settle for hiring inexperienced and unknown photographers from Craigs List, renting DJ-in-a-box to keep everyone on the dance floor and asking uncle Bob to videotape the ceremony. Well, here is your chance to create that perfect wedding day and to preserve the memories for yourself and your children. Accents Unlimited, Video Masters of Pittsburgh and Dmitriy Babichenko Photography have partnered to help one couple to create a perfect wedding. Simply submit your love story and you’ll have a chance to win all three services (DJ, photography and videography) for FREE. Send your love story with photographs or video to; we’ll post your story on this website and let people vote for the best/most interesting love story. You can submit stories for your friends and family members. There are absolutely no catches – the only caveat is that all three of us have to be available (not have other events booked) on your wedding date. You must submit photographs or videos with your story and include your wedding date; we must receive your submission before December 31st, 2010. For more information on the context, check out We will pick and announce the winner on Valentine’s Day (February 14th, 2011). Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and good luck!