iMovie Crash Course

Quite a few of my clients have asked me how I put together their wedding slideshows, how to combine video and still images and video clips from different cameras. For production work I use Adobe Premiere, but for quick and dirty stuff I use iMovie. This tutorial will give you a crash-course introduction to combining video and still images in iMovie. If you want to learn more about iMovie, iMovie `11 & iDVD: The Missing Manual is an excellent book that will pretty much teach you everything you ever wanted to know about iMovie. Have fun.

Flash Photography Secrets

In about a month I am teaching a photography workshop at the Carnegie Library; the subject of my workshop is flash photography. If you are interested in flash photography, this video is definitely worth watching. I thought I knew a lot about flash, shutter synchronization and all the other fun stuff that goes with flash photography. This video really took me to school.