Pam’s and Andy’s Wedding

Pam’s and Andy’s wedding was one of the most emotional weddings I have ever seen.  Pam and Andy are so much in love with each other and it showed in every moment they were together.  They weren’t the only emotional ones.  Lately, it seems like wedding guests are more interested in taking photos with their cell phones than in sharing a moment with the bride and groom.  This wedding was different.  Of course there were one or two shutterbugs who saw the entire day through the viewfinder of their camera, but most guests and family members truly shared all the moments with the newlyweds and their families.  I loved capturing this day – congratulations guys!
Of course I could not have captured Pam’s and Andy’s story without my friend Jenny Karlsson – she captured the groom getting ready, as well as some of the coolest reception moments.


As a photographer I constantly search for inspiration.  For me, inspiration does not necessarily come from other photographers’ exceptional work; often my inspiration does not even come from the realm of art.  A few days ago, while browsing Vimeo I came across a short video titled “The Knife Maker“.  It has nothing to do with photography, but for some reason it resonated with me enough that I felt compelled to share it.

If you are looking for inspiration that’s directly related to photography, here are a few free short documentaries that are definitely worth watching.

The Sartorialist


Dark Side of The Lens

And even though I could not embed this last one, “The President’s Photographer” is definitely worth watching!


Jennifer’s and Stephen’s Wedding

A few weeks ago Jenny and I photographed Jennifer’s and Stephen’s wedding at the Oak Lodge in Stahlstown, PA.  Jenn and Stephen were amazing – a wonderful and loving couple and Jenn’s dad even made Star Trek references in his speech.  How awesome is that!  The Oak Lodge was one of the most beautiful venues I have ever seen – I will post more photos in a few days.  If you are getting married in PA and want a rustic wedding, that’s the place to do it.
Jenn and Stephen – thank you for being so welcoming to Jenny and I and congratulations!