I`ve Been Featured:)

I recently accidentally found out that a couple of my Bar/Bat Mitzvah photos were featured in Pittsburgh Jewish Living magazine. I`m really excited about that. Hopefully tomorrow I`ll find out that my photos were published in the Bride magazine the National Geographic, Wired and Popular Photography:) Published in a magazine - Pittsburgh Jewish Living | Dmitriy Babichenko - Pittsburgh Bar Mitzvah Photographer

Photography workshop series

Dmitriy Babichenko PhotographyI am so freaking excited! I`m literally jumping up and down with excitement! See how many exclamation signs I`m using!!! Over the last 2 months I`ve been working with the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh to organize a series of workshops on photography and finally everything is ready to go. This workshop series will be targeted towards beginner photographers who just bought their first digital SLRs and would like to improve their skills. Some really amazing photographers and graphics designers agreed to volunteer their time and teach these workshops. If you are interested in photography in any way, shape, or form, hurry up and register for these awesome workshops at http://www.carnegielibrary.org/events/eventlist.cfm?mode=recur&event_id=58516. I will be teaching workshops on flash photography and advanced digital processing. Go ahead and register – all the cool kids are doing it!