That`s what I do…

I`ve never seen myself work – it just never crossed my mind to ask a videographer for a couple of clips before. Last weekend I photographed a Bat Mitzvah where my friend Mike ( did the video, and he was nice enough to send me a couple of raw clips.

That`s what I do… from Dmitriy Babichenko on Vimeo.

First Foray Into Stop-Motion Animation

I wanted to try my hand at stop-motion animation for quite some time. I have some (hopefully) interesting ideas for a couple of projects, but before I committed myself to doing quite a bit of work, I decided to do a trial run. The video below is about 8 seconds long and it took 130 still frames and close to an hour to produce. Animation is tough work!

Versus from Dmitriy Babichenko on Vimeo.

So busy…

In the last 4 weeks I photographed 2 weddings, 2 Bat Mitzvahs and an engagement session. I`ve been so incredibly busy with editing that I haven`t had a chance to update any of my sites. I`m going to try to put together a few “highlights” slideshows and post them over the next couple of days.