The Most Beautiful Church

Recently I hit a bit of an anniversary in my photography business – two weeks ago I photographed my 200th wedding. Over the years I photographed in countless churches, temples and synagogues all over the East Coast. Pittsburgh has an amazing number of beautiful churches, but my absolute favorite is the First Calvary United Methodist Church. Many people would argue that St. Paul`s Church in Oakland or the Heinz Chapel are more architecturally appealing and possess more graduer. However, the First Calvary United Methodist Church in Pittsburgh`s North Side has beauty and warmth that few churches that I`ve seen in my life possess. There is just something about it – carved wooden pews, gorgeous stained-glass windows, high stone arches. And the people who work there are so amazingly friendly; it is an absolute pleasure to photograph weddings there. First Calvary United Methodist Church, Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

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