FAQ: Why do you have Tupperware on your flash?

Over the next couple of weeks I`d like to answer a some questions that my clients ask me at almost every wedding. Let`s start with the the easiest one to answer. QUESTION: Why do you have Tupperware on your flash? (By the way, I’m not kidding. Someone asks me that question at virtually every event I’ve photographed in the last couple of years.) ANSWER: Well, the Tupperware in question is called a diffuser – it softens the light from my flash and eliminates harsh shadows that are more often than not produced by point-and-shoot cameras. I have about 4 different diffusers and softboxes that go on my flashes, depending on the type of job I need to do. The one that looks like Tupperware is called the Gary Fong Lightsphere (http://www.garyfongestore.com/flash-accessories.html)

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