Shazam! So Easy, A Baby Can Do It!

Shazam phone app | Dmitriy Babichenko | Pittsburgh Event Photographer Last night I found an amazing app and wanted to share it with the world in general and with photographers and videographers in particular. I am well aware that most likely my find is akin to rediscovering the wheel, but here it goes anyway. This little marvel of an app is called Shazam and it is available for pretty much any platform, including Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad). And here’s is how it’s used… This Saturday I had the honor of photographing the most amazing couple’s 50th anniversary. As they danced to an Andrea Bocelli’s song, I switched my camera from still capture to video so that I could record a short clip. Since I’m not a videographer and only shoot video on rare occasions, I did not have the proper audio equipment to record the sound – only whatever my onboard mic could capture. Obviously, the sound quality was less then stellar. When I came home and started going through the photos and video clips from the photoshoot, I realized that I really needed to fix the audio from that dance. Unfortunately, I did not know the name of the song. After a quick Google search, I came across Shazam and immediately downloaded and installed it on my cell phone. Then I simply played the terrible audio from the video clip on my laptop while holding my cell phone close to the laptop’s speakers. A few seconds later Shazam graciously informed me that the song I was looking for was Andrea Bocelli’s “Con Te Partirò” Of course, being the geek that I am, I got really excited and started testing the app on pretty much everything from TV to half of my iTunes library to radio in my car. Yes, I actually went outside, started my car and turned on the radio to test an app. And you know what – it worked every time. You can download this amazing app from Have fun!

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