An Epiphany and Passenger Manifests

Yesterday I met with a client whose last name is Jablowski. For some reason, on the drive home after the meeting, I could not get that name out of my head; something about seemed important, but I could not quite grasp what it was. As I was pulling into my driveway I finally got it. It was a Polish last name and letter “J” reads as “Ye” or “Ya”. During all the years of searching for information about my grandfather I always searched archives and databases for “Payes”, “Paes”, or it`s Russian spelling “Паес”. It has never even occurred to me that since he was born in Grodno and since before the World War II Grodno belonged to Poland, my grandfather`s last name might be spelled differently. To test my theory I pulled up the Ellis Island database and searched for Pajes. I have records of my grandfather`s family that were kindly send to me two years ago by Rabbi Yitzchak Kofman from Grodno, Belarus, but they were in Russian. Ship Passenger Manifest Berengaria, 1923 Now I actually know for a fact that part of my grandfather`s family came to the United States on October 12, 1923 and even have ship`s manifests from Berengaria that document their passage from Cherbourg, France and arrival to Ellis Island.

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