Lightroom Reporter

Lightroom reporter software | Dmitriy Babichenko, Pittsburgh Wedding, Event photographer and software developer A few days ago I wrote about my idea for an application that would report Adobe Lightroom statistics. I asked all of my photographer friends to tell me what statistics would be useful to them and I got a few really good pointers. Last night I could not sleep so I spent a few hours and hacked together the first version of my app. I wrote it for Adobe Air so that it would run on any platform. Chances are that you already have Adobe Air installed on your computer, but in case if you don`t, you would need to download and install it before installing my application (Lightroom Reporter). You can download Adobe Reporter here. Right now this first version only displays some basic camera and lens usage statistics. I already started working on additional features such as getting statistics on editing habits – how often do you adjust exposure, crop, etc… If you can think of any other statistics that would be useful, please drop me a note – I`m making this software available for free, so making it better would benefit (hopefully) everyone.

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