A Bike Ride To McKeesport

Last weekend was the first in a long time when I did not have a photoshoot. Even though the weather was kind of miserable, my friend Chris and I decided to go for a quick bike ride on the Steel Valley Trail. In June of 2012 I rode the entire length of the Great Alleghenny Passage to Cumberland, MD – something that I would like to start doing at least once a year. Chris and I only had about half a day to ride and explore, so we set off at 8 am from the Waterfront. If you are interested in exploring, Steel Valley Trail provides ample opportunities. I used to do a lot of urban exploration before I got married and had children; this trip gave me an opportunity to explore once more. Along the trail we found several abandonned railroad depots, warehouses and factories. I was glad that I brought a camera.
It felt nice to spend half a day just biking and shooting, not worried about meetings, editing, management or other obligations. I should start doing this more often…


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