Independent Study Projects for Fall 2014

Independent Study Projects

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are looking for students who are interested in gaining practical experience by working on analyzing, designing, and implementing real information systems for real clients.  These projects are structured as independent studies and you will receive academic credit (3 credits) upon project completion.  If you chose to accept this mission, be prepared to spend approximately 10 hours a week working on your project. 

These projects are a great opportunity for students to gain experience, build your resume, satisfy the School of Information Sciences capstone requirement and, if you do good job, get recommendation letters from satisfied clients.

If you are interested in working on any of the projects listed below, please contact Dmitriy Babichenko –  Send the name of the project you are interested in and make sure to attach your resume.


Client: WISER Simulation Center
Project: Physician training feedback system. 
Tasks:  Design a web application that would allow WISER staff to schedule training and simulation sessions and to provide feedback for simulations.  Database and notification systems have already been designed last semester.
Database: MySQL
Programming Language:  C#
Team size:  1-2 students


Client: Magee Hospital
Project: OB Data Standard for EMR Systems
Tasks:  Build web-based data entry forms for an existing MySQL database using an off-the-shelf form generating software such as Rackforms ( or JotForm ( 
Database:  MySQL
Programming Language:  Minimal PHP
Team size:  1 student


Client:  Department of Medicine, Division of Hematology/Oncology
Project: Tracking system for bleeding disorders in women
Tasks: Design a responsive web-based application to help women with bleeding disorders track bleeding episodes and reactions to medications.  This project will involve collecting requirements from medical researches, designing and building a responsive HTML5 front end and, if time permits, a MySQL database to store data.
Database:  MySQL
Programming Language:  JavaScript, HTML, PHP or Java
Frameworks/Libraries:  jQuery, Bootstrap
Team size:  2 students (at least one with web or mobile design experience)


Client:  School of Information Sciences
Project:  Resume Management System
Tasks:  Last semester a team of 3 students built a prototype of a resume management system for the School of Information Sciences.  I am looking for 3-4 students to complete this project and produce a beta version (ready for user testing) by the end of the fall 2015 semester.
Database:  MySQL
Programming Language:  HTML, JavaScript, Java
Frameworks/Libraries:  jQuery, Bootstrap, Backbone.js (nice-to-have)
Team Size:  3-4 students